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  • Nyotaimori has been mis-respresented "slang" for "naked sushi" .. due to inaccurate writing/publicity
    • nyo == woman
    • tai == body
    • mori == serving, arrangement

    • Nyotaimori means serving/arranging stuff on a naked woman's body .. including ..
      • strawberries, cherries, melons, grapes, coconut, ... etc ...
      • whip cream, chocolate ... etc ...
      • pouring wine/champagne on her/him, ... etc ...
      • sushi/sashimi ... etc .. has become a new popular activity ...
      • other stuff left to your imagination ...

    • Nyotaimori has been going on for centuries in ALL cultures
      • nyotaimori is NOT unique to Japan

  • Urban Legend and Mis-Representations of Naked Sushi in Japan
    • For the purposes of Urban Legends and Mis-Representations ...
      we will use "Naked Sushi" and "nyotaimori" interchangeably although one has nothing to do with the other
    • Naked Sushi is NOT common practice in Japan or Japanese culture
    • Naked Sushi is a form of entertainment for the Japanese mafia ( yakuza )
      • Naked sushi is an underground sub-culture in japan
      • "Naked sushi girls" can NOT be trained to lay still for hours
        • the girls can be sedated/drugged to numb their senses
        • we will leave out some NOT fit for publication "yakuza details" and nyotaimori sushi
    • Naked sushi parties is generally NOT available to the general Japanese public ( local citizens )
    • Naked sushi parties is definitely NOT available to foreigners ( gaijin ) in Japan
      • japan, china, korea, india, asia etc are still a very segregated/prejudicial/closed societies

    • Naked Sushi has been popularized by the movies over the last 20 years
    • Naked Sushi has been popularized and mis-represented by the various press and media
      • and you're bringing a camera/video crew to document a nyotaimori sushi party ??

    • Naked Sushi has been mis-represented by the various foreign service providers
      • you will NOTE that most all of the "naked sushi providers" are NOT japanese owned/operated
      • they probably provide Naked Sushi Services because it probably is a "cash cow"

    • Naked Sushi is NOT about having Playboy/Penthouse models
      • the models can increase and encourage your appetite and their bottom line
      • unfortunately, the customers do expect the sexy nyotaimori models
      • if you got it .. flaunt it .. confidence is a good thing .. having fun is a good thing ..

  • Nyotaimori Naked Sushi Party ( Adult Entertainment )
    • what is the sushi chef qualifications to be serving raw fish ...
    • watch for the sushi quality .. you better have a strong stomach ..
    • the ability, quality and health of the nyotaimori sushi girls

    • which hotel you're staying at makes a difference
    • your entertainment budget makes a major difference
    • your local references has the most impact

Sushi Chef Qualifications

  • Basic Sushi Chef qualfications
    • 50+ qualifying requirements to qualify as a sushi chef
Sushi Bacteria and Parasites Seafood Handling Safety

  • sushi is definitely NOT for you if you are a germo-phobe

  • nyotaimori sushi is definitely NOT for you if you are a germo-phobe

  • nyotaimori is probably okay for your digestive system if you already perform oral sex on your partner/spouse for decades
  • can make you extremely sick or even kill you
    • There's gonna be lots of health code violations for nyotaimori sushi party

  • Sushi and Seafood Safety

  • at home, you have a 2-3 second rule
    • if you drop food on the floor, you can pick it up within 2-3 seconds and probably still eat it
    • why are you leaving food on her body for 1-2-3 hours before eating it

Worst Sushi aka Bad Sushi

  • the Worst Sushi is served by un-qualified people serving rotten-fish-n-instant-rice
    • with nyotaimori sushi ... you're 100x amplifying the risk of getting seriously sick

  • Stay away from nyotaimori Sushi Parties when
    • stay away if they do NOT have an operating brick-n-mortor sushi restaurant
      • it is extremely important to visit their sushi restaurant ..
        before booking your nyotaimori sushi party
    • stay away if their claim to fame is "nyotaimori is an art form"
      • they're serving you "raw fish" ..
        containing tons of bacteria, germs, parasites that can make you seriously sick
      • they're making a clueless claim ...
      • nyotaimori is NOT an artform ... it is the act of arranging stuff

    • As with any other ecommerce website,
      stay away from those that do NOT post their contact info: mailing address and local phone number

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